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{April 16, 2013}   The Adventure

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I think every road trip should start out in the middle of the night. It just feels more like you escaping. Even if we left at 3 am to beat a snow storm. Ugh, A named one at that. WE missed all the big traffic from Chicago and that But still ended up 3 hours in a traffic jam because a semi jack knifed out side of somewhere Indiana. We had fun though driving down We always do we over did it with the four square checking in places we passed and every toll both we hit that we could find fast enough. We ll that I could find fast enough for us. I am very sure our four square friends were anoid but we loved it.

We got to Church Hill downs late in the day thanks to the Semi driver. The hours we had planned to spend there were spent on a hy-way in Indiana. We could however eat a very late lunch and have a mint Julip. A famous Mint Julip. I was not too disappointed I am not huge on the Kentucky Derby or Horses much anyway. I was surprised to see such a place known for wealth and that to be in a ghetto area. That proved to be a very bad thing when after a few pics we went to leave and $70 worth of gas had vanished from our gas tanks. We filled up as I was never so glad I booked us out in the country and we left Louisville. We found the inn it was Beautiful We stayed at the Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg. The place has 3 buildings we stayed in the main in. with big ceilings and antiques everywhere.We had plans to eat a steak house but were just so tired we crashed at 6 pm (well I did, hubbie went picture taking in town) after eating some humus and pita bread we brought for snacks.

The next morning was a big one Zip lining in a cave for Tom tram in the cavern for me. I was actually so tired I wanted to sleep in the car instead but pushed in because Hubby was so nervous. SO I took the tram I had left my coat in the car and this proved to be a mistake I was so cold. and so tired, I seriously had a hard time having a conversation with an older couple because I was nodding off. The Megga Cavern has the largest underground zipline in the world, The hubby loved it hurling in the dark zipping 70 feet up in the air. It was a blast. My tour was less so if you are going choose accordingly. On the way back we hit Jim Beam distillery. It was ok we got some good pictures and sampled some Bourbon. I found I liked it more as a mixed drink thing than straight up. Jim Beam did have a honey bourbon one we both liked though. WE went in search of Makers mark. DO not trust you GPS to find this place it will not lead you there. we found it just after the tour had started. The place was beautiful, the hubbie got out to take some pictures I was not feeling so hot so I fell asleep. As he was taking pictures a security guard walks over to him and he thinks he is getting tossed out. As he tells him he missed the tour and Hubbie says I just wanted to get some pictures the GPS got us here late and I missed it. The guard looks at him and says let me show you something and takes him back into the warehouse where the store the barrels and tells him how they move them to age um lets him take very sweet pictures of the space and then takes him to a guy the is the brewer mix master I am unsure or the name. but he takes him by the stills, from what I understand from what I read no one sees that on the tour. The guy even gives him a shot out of the batch he is brewing so Makers Mark moonshine style. He wanted to show him more but the hubbie was worried about me not knowing I was completely crashed out in the car.

The next day was a take it easy day which was good I could not quite figure out if it was the road food or the being up so early that was bothering me but I couldn’t seem to stay awake and just felt kinda icky. We slept in and missed the awesome breakfast at the inn, heading down town we found a cute coffee shop that sold fudge so we stopped in the had the best sandwiches ever and the soup was good too. We headed after to find some distilleries. Kentucky is beautiful! I really enjoyed the scenery as we headed out for Woodford reserve, It is on the narrow road that winds around these million dollar horse ranches miles and miles of black wood fencing with beautiful horses grazing. I never though I would be able to tell a race horse but you can. It was very cool. there were a few close tot he road so we got a few pictures. Woodford reserve was awesome. I was not to feeling so well so I stayed back while the hubbie went on the tour. He got beautiful pictures and went straying off the tour to get them so he had his own little tour again. LOL. There was a really cool old cemetary across from the place we took some pictures and by the time we got out of there and putzes around it was too late to hit any more distilleries we went for a drive and dinner.

The last day was supposed to be a big head to Cincinnati day but the hubbie woke up not feeling well and as horrible as it is I was relieve I had been sick not just not adjusting to early mornings and different  food. we slept and left for home. It was a great trip sickness and all. I wanted to see the beauty of Kentucky and I got too.

Love the pictures! Kentucky is a very pretty state, I’m glad you and hubby were able to enjoy it.

Thanks. I love the beauty of it too. Hubbie did so good o the pics.

oh Thank you. We did love it and will be back

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