platypuspondering: Life off Kilter

{April 2, 2013}   Hurding Dust Bunnies

The hubbies back at work now the vacation is done the projects in the house are at least started. I didn’t want to be task master for Hubbie while he was off but we did need to get things done. I think we hit a strong balance of rest down time and working. I must have had a lot of pent-up need to do because the projects kept blooming into other things then they took roots and made their own new things basically I  tried to build things deep spring clean while decluttering everything in the house. ya know just a few odds and ends. Arn’t we all glad we painted and redid the entire new living room while disrupting the entire house a week before the Hubbies vacation because there is nothing more soothing than to have every room in the house in total disaster mode to make me calm like a scuba diving parrot. EEEEEEEEEEkkkkkkk. Not to mention we had people coming in to watch the dog in the middle of this over haul we took a week vacation so we had to kind of get things so people were not killing them selves to feed the dog and so she had some space to navigate and be dog like while we were away.

I blam the book The Artist Way for pushing creativity and decluttering your life so the creativity is not bottled up in clutter and things that do not inspire you…. or am I blaming the too cold long winter today… I forget .. but that Groundhog is toast when I see him. I have at least 6 of my friends doing the same to bonus for the college kids hit the thrift store now I know my friends they have cool stuff. We were supposed to have all our stuff off the front porch when we got back from Vacation but there was snow so no pick up. Worked in our favor we found a place that may buy a lot of our stuff. Ka…ching!

The projects were a platform bed frame and couch we were going to build both. Platform king size bed with possibly a dog step because our pup is getting up there in year at 13 it is some times hard to leap like a gymnast on the bed like she used to. The plat form bad consisted of basically a framed stage and a beautiful old door we found at the restore. The thing weighs a tun but is beautiful. Need to wait for a warmer tim to stain the base boards the finish it off. Pictures are coming at that time:  But it is low enough that the Pup can make it up now so no step needed, but not too low for us. Yay! Win win.

We were going to start the couches I don’t know if anyone has seen those palate couches they are so cool looking! Very modern with industrial wheels on the bottom painted out in a funky light blue. We Love modern and funky, I was so excited. Then I started thinking about foam for the couch and I thought we could just get it at home depot. Boy, was I wrong we could get it but would it be more than just getting a couch. We had been trying to get rid of this back torturing brown monstrosity for years now.  We tabled to pallet couches and got a nice couch we pick up tomorrow or Thursday, can’t be too soon we have been couchless almost a week.

This is the rambling of the house project days we are still in chaos but one room in the house is not so messy and by the end of the week that maybe up to 3 not so messy. Next time I swear I will write about our trip to Kentucky that for some reason I kept singing take me home country road on. Yes I know that song is about  West Virginia It is right in the lyrics still sang it all week.

Anyone else doing house purging out there or is it just me?

I used to have John Denver’s album. Great song! I will be doing my spring cleaning in May, when I can have open windows (I hope!) and steam clean the carpet. Probably not much purging because I did a lot of that last year, but I might find a thing or two to donate to a rummage sale.

I love John Denver inspite of my self. I want to not like him but Him Kenny Rodgers and Garth Brooks are the only country guys I not lonly like but love. I thought we did alot of purging last year this year I am going through every box stored in every part and reorginizing. Feels like moving but in a good way.

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