platypuspondering: Life off Kilter

{January 2, 2013}   Robot Love

I found kind of a slightly tilted cakish plate with a mirror on the bottom it was beautiful and all I could think was I need to put glass on this. but I could not find the right thing to put on it. Then I found a friend that embraces fun like few others I have known she has such a fun personality and such a deep and beautiful heart I knew what I must do, I did not take a lot of creation pictures because I got too excited to make it. I fussed with it a long time the back changed so many times and even after up till the polish at the end I was  unsure about it.  Less sure how to remove it without damaging the area around it, But I think it turned out pretty well. The only picture I have of it is without grout but you can see it turned out cute.


Renchick says:

It is such a fun piece of art! I have it displayed in my living room, where I did most of my holiday entertaining – everyone loved it! I am proud to own a piece of your art and will always cherish it.❤

I am so so glad you like it.😀

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