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{December 29, 2012}   The typewritter

So I have a dear friend of mine that is an aspiring writer. Very good. I hope you all get to read her someday. I wanted to make something very special for her. I had found an old typewriter that was just too far out of my price range to get as a gift. So here is How what I did.

Old typewriter, Art, Mosaic,

The drawing

Art, Old typewriter, Mosaic

The lay out of the important parts

Art, old type writer, Mosaic

Skipped a head a little in this one after like 4 tries of back ground color and hours of laying out the right piece here the right piece there a snip of this glass a snip of that almost done with part one.

Art, old type writer, Mosaic,

OK I know not much further than before but a lot went on almost done and run out of glass had to remove a few pieces and mix in similar back ground with out changing the look takes work . So this is left to dry one full day two if I got them to spare.

Art, Old typewriter, Mosaic

So now we cover the beauty up and hope she comes out stunning, I hate this part usually when I leave my blood on the piece but also I hate like I feel like I am destroying the piece. Like the beauty should just be the beauty it never comes out the same some time for the better some times for the worse.

Art, Old type writer, Mosaic

The ugly, there she is dry 10 min before wiping it, then careful, careful don’t want the grout to be all wiped away.

Art, Old typewritter, Mosaic

Half wiped, It still looks filmy because it has to dry over night before the final polish and check so it is all filled in.

I am so excited I got to share this with you. I have a few more to come in the next few days. Hope you liked it and hope you had a Merry Christmas.

Stunning! Do I know the recipient? I absolutely love this. Such a labor of love.

You totally do know the resipient.🙂 I am so glad you like it.

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